Get 25% Off with code 'local25' until midnight Saturday! (See Details)

Get 25% Off with code 'local25' until midnight Saturday! (See Details)

Shell Island Pontoon Boat Rentals in Panama City, Florida

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Classic Pontoon

Our economy boat rental option. Features a 60 horsepower motor and holds up to 12 passengers.

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Luxury Pontoon

Our upgraded pontoon boat. Featuring a much larger 115 horsepower motor and allows up to 12 passengers.

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Double Decker Pontoon

Bring aboard 2 extra passengers, for a total of 14. Enjoy the slide and an additional deck above! Features an adequate 90 horsepower engine.

๐Ÿ“œ Florida State Regulations:

If you were born on or after January 1, 1988, you'll need to pass this boater safety course and carry the ID card with a photo ID, while operating vessels in Florida. Luckily for you!! We're giving you a link below so you can do it online and save time when you get to a Jet Ski stand....

Get a Boater License Here (20 mins)

  •  Please note that Coast Guard regulates that all ages count as a passenger. That includes children of all ages including infants.
  •  Classic and Luxury pontoons can accommodate up to 12 passengers by law with a max capacity of 1600lbs
  •  Double Decker Pontoons can accommodate up to 14 passengers by law with a max capacity of 2000lbs

Family Adventures Await!

Buckle up, sea captains! It's time to steer the family fleet into the heart of Panama City Beach with our top-notch pontoons! Be your own skipper, chart your course, and set sail for a day of discovery. With the whole area as your oyster, you can glide over to the untouched paradise of Shell Island. It's so unspoiled, you won't find a single selfie stick for sale. And remember, while you're capturing those #NoFilterNeeded drone shots of your crew against the pristine backdrop, toss us a share on Facebook. We promise not to let the dolphins photobomb.

Go Fishing!

Get ready to play 'biggest catch' with your pals in Florida's fishiest playground! With over a hundred secret spots, you might need to bring a bigger cooler for all those "I swear it was this big" stories. Plus, nothing beats the taste of victory when you grill your own catch for dinner.

See Shell Island

This island hasn't let fame go to its head; it's as natural as your love for vacation. With no manmade structures, it's the beach in its birthday suit! Snorkel in crystal-clear waters that are so clean, you can count the freckles on a fish. And the kids? They'll be too busy being marine biologists for the day to ask for more screen time.

Explore St. Andrews Bay

Want a panoramic view that'll make your eyes pop? St. Andrews Bay is your natural widescreen HD experience. From Bunkers Cove to the emerald waters hugging Shell Island and the serene St. Andrews State Park, it's a swimmer's haven. And hey, don't be surprised if a wild dolphin crashes your party โ€“ they canโ€™t resist our guests!